Earthview Environmental
Wetland Resources and Natural Resource Counseling

GIS- Mapping & Modeling

EVE does GIS-based geomorphological and contour mapping, using aerial photographs and LiDAR. Additionally, we do 2D and 3D landscape visualization from DEMs and LiDAR. We are experienced in the development of predictive models for archaeological site location, and experts at GIS-based cartography.  

  • GIS Digitizing and Georeferencing
  • LiDAR Visualization and Analysis
  • Geological Mapping from Aerial Imagery and LiDAR
  • Archaeological Predictive Modeling, including (in Iowa) LANDMASS
  • Maps and Models for Phase IA Archaeological Assessments
  • Watershed and Natural Resource Planning
  • Cartographic Design
  • Sensitive Areas Mapping and Identification of Sensitive Areas such as Species Habitat, Wetlands, other Waters of the U.S. and Archaeological Potential on a Watershed Scale