Earthview Environmental
Wetland Resources and Natural Resource Counseling


EarthView Environmental, Inc. (EVE) provides environmental services to municipalities, county conservation boards, RC&D's, land use planners, developers, and private landowners. EVE helps clients identify regulatory compliance needs and helps them through the compliance process; EVE provides cost effective planning, innovative design options, funding opportunity options, project implementation, conservation site maintenance and monitoring. Years of experience with regulatory agencies combined with knowledge of local resources give EVE an edge on mitigation planning, design, and implementation.

Iowa DOT Pre-Qualified Work Categories:

  • 352 Comprehensive Archaeological Services
  • 353 Environmental Specialty Studies
  • 356 Hydrogeology, Geomorphology & Other Geological Disciplines
  • 358 Specialized Wetland Services
  • 362 Threatened and Endangered Species Services
  • 381 Geographic Information System (GIS) Services