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Muddy Creek Stream Restoration - Coralville, Iowa


City of Coralville
Johnson County, Iowa

The Muddy Creek Stream Restoration efforts began in the spring of 2005. Bank collapse and stream bank erosion was severe along the creek at the Brown Deer Golf Course and there was an immediate risk of losing a sand trap and part of the green. Several previous efforts were made to stabilize the slopes in 2003 and 2004. These efforts were unsuccessful.

To address the situation, EarthView Environmental conducted a stream survey in the summer of 2005. The survey revealed the biggest challenge; sandy slopes and three feet of loose sediment in the stream bed. This meant that any stabilization effort would involve the removal of sediment down to a stable base, therefore increasing the difficulty and the cost. In addition, the proximity of adjacent golf course features limited stabilization options.

EarthView Environmental and the City of Coralville used this opportunity to make a demonstration site showcasing different bank stabilization techniques, including:

  • compost tubes
  • soil lifts
  • layered fabric
  • A-Jacks
  • gabion baskets
  • rip rap
  • four grade control structures (weirs)

Three demonstration days were held during the construction and over 100 people attended the events.
Since the completion of construction in the spring of 2006, several large flood events have occurred; stream banks have remained stable through all events. Stabilization efforts were successful and the creek is now viewed as a natural amenity to the golf course.


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At the City of Coralville:

Dan Holderness, PE
City Engineer
City of Coralville
1512 7th St.
Coralville, IA 52241

Tom Roskos
Course Superintendent
Brown Deer Golf Course
P.O. Box 5172
1506 8th Street
Coralville, IA 52244