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Iowa River Landing Wetland Park - Coralville, Iowa

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Just east of the Coralville Marriott and Convention center, and visible from many of the hotel’s rooms, is something you don’t often see near large hotels. A two-acre pond, surrounded by over five acres of mixed prairie, woodland and wetlands. Numerous animal and plant species thrive here in the Coralville Wetland Park, and raised pathways provide trails for guests to stroll.

Beginning in 2003, EarthView Environmental (EVE) has assisted the City of Coralville though multiple developments of the Wetland Park area, both directly and as a sub consultant to RDG Planning & Design. In 2003, EarthView conducted a wetland delineation and developed a mitigation plan for the hotel and conference center that not only provided for the federal and state regulatory permitting requirements, but also utilized the natural capital of this area, helping to create Coralville’s Iowa River Landing Wetland Park in the process. From 2007 to present, EVE has continued to monitor the site for regulatory compliance, as well as assist the Coralville Parks & Recreation Department in overall park maintenance, care and improvement, helping to maintain the sparkle on one of Coralville’s crown jewels.

More recently the Wetland Park has undergone further improvement with the addition of an elevated walkway, flood control structures, and landscaping. Working in close coordination with the City of Coralville and RDG Planning & Design, EarthView has provided wetland & regulatory assistance through every step of the process. Additionally, EVE conducted on-site construction monitoring in 2010-2011, guiding contractors through the delicate process of construction in and around regulated wetland areas, keeping work on the move and helping project managers avoid delays.

Finally, in 2010, EarthView assembled a creative team including geologists, educators, environmental scientists, archaeologists, landscape artists and engineers to provide site specific educational material in an interesting way: through a series of interpretive Wetland Park Signs. With a focus on local detail, these dynamic signs tell the unique story of the Wetland Park, starting with where in the world was Coralville 375 Million years ago, to wetland plants, soil and critters, to the Floods of 2008.

Client References:

Dan Holderness
City Engineer
Address: 1512 7th St.
Coralville, IA 52241
Phone: (319)248-1720
Fax: (319)248-1894


Sherri Proud
Director of Parks and Recreation
1506 8th Street
Coralville, IA 52241


At RDG Planning & Design
Mr. Jesse Lewis, ALSA
RDG Planning & Design
301 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 288-3142
(515) 288-8631