Earthview Environmental
Wetland Resources and Natural Resource Counseling

Reid Stamer

Restoration Ecologist, GIS Technician

Reid Stamer has spent a lot of time enjoying and participating in nature.  Trips to the Boundary Waters, Glacier National Park, and his own backyard, along with experiences gained through Boy Scouts of America, have impressed upon him the importance of wilderness and the human/nature interface. This led Reid to a science degree in Geography from the University of Iowa, with an emphasis in GIS, and a personal commitment to restoration and natural resource projects. This commitment has inspired his work at EarthView since 2009.

A Restoration Ecologist, Reid’s professional focus on invasive species management, habitat restoration, woodland management, and conservation practices bring continuity and a solid foundation to restoration projects. He also manages and executes the use of herbicide application for restoration and natural area maintenance.

A GIS Technician, Reid utilizes the latest versions of ArcGIS, mobile mapping software, and GPS data collection, and post-processing to provide projects with consistent, clear, and accurate mapping and cartographic representation.