Earthview Environmental
Wetland Resources and Natural Resource Counseling

Judith E. Joyce, PWS

Founder & President, Geologist, Professional Wetland Scientist

Judy has over 20 years of experience in wetland science, soils, and geomorphology. She has worked closely with a variety of both public and private entities and organizations throughout the Midwest moving their projects forward through the environmental regulatory review process.

As the Founder and President of EarthView Environmental Inc. (EVE), Judy Joyce is a hands-on business owner, engaged in business development and administration with an emphasis on community involvement from the civil and the commercial sectors. She brings a practical approach to EVE’s projects, informed through business experience and civil engagement.

Judy, a Geologists and a Certified Professional Wetland Scientist, specializes in soil characterization, plant identification, and hydrological studies with an emphasis in soil interpretations for land use planning. She actively engages in many projects at EVE, including wetland delineation, mitigation and monitoring, stream bank stabilization design, and land development suitability evaluation.  She works closely with developers and with federal, state, county, and local officials to obtain environmental clearances and permits.

Judy prides herself in being active in the community.  She has provided workshops around the state for all ages on wetlands, soils, waste water treatment and intergrading natural areas back into communities.   She is involved in community outreach projects and currently serves as Executive Director of TAKO – Take a Kid Outdoors.